In his early teens, Jeffrey B. Kellner traveled often from his home on Long Island to New York City where he made photographs.

After graduating from Alfred University with a Bachelor of Science in 1971, Kellner became an assistant to a photographer in NYC.  Two years later he opened his own studio specializing in Corporate and Industrial Photography.

Throughout his 35 years as a commercial photographer, Kellner roamed the streets of New York City photographing its people, places and things.  His preference now, as it was then, is using classic film cameras of varying formats.  Kellner loves the different personalities each of these cameras and lenses impart to the image. They are not as refined as the lenses of today, so each renders the view quite differently in sharpness, contrast and illumination.  This beautifully complements his street photography vision.

His photography is receiving much attention these days.  His latest accolades come from the curators of The Department of Photography of the Museum of Modern Art and Yale University Photography Gallery.

Kellner is working on two books, a retrospective of images over the past 50 years, and photographs of his ex-wife taken during their 22 year marriage titled MY EX. 

He exhibits his work in galleries throughout New England.